Tyler Hobbs is a generative artist from Austin, Texas. For each work, Tyler writes a custom computer program specially designed to create an abstract image. His work focuses on the interplay of randomness and order, and draws inspiration from paint, vegetation, and naturally occurring patterns.



Email: tyler@tylerxhobbs.com
Social: @tylerxhobbs


I am not currently accepting new commissions at this time. If you have a particularly awesome project you think I might be interested in anyway, feel free to send me an email at tyler@tylerxhobbs.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to license existing work for commercial purposes, send an email to tyler@tylerxhobbs.com and I will provide you with a catalogue of work.



My work focuses on the creation of generative processes. For each new work, I design a custom algorithm capable of generating a sequence of unique, but aesthetically related images. The algorithms I craft borrow patterns observed from the natural world, repurposing and remixing them to explore the sensations they evoke.

The interplay of randomness and structure is particularly intriguing to me. The natural world is filled with the collision of these two forces, and the results are worth examining in detail. Generative artwork is particularly well suited for this examination. While algorithms are obviously well suited for studying patterns and organization, computers are also a surprisingly excellent source of randomness. My best work strikes a careful balance between these elements, resulting in a program that is a loose set of guidelines rather than an explicit description of an image.


Progress - Galería Dos Topos, León, Gto., México; 17 Works; 2018 (See Show Images)



STEAM: Math and Art - West Windsor Art Center, Princeton Junction, NJ

LAND\SCAPE - Specto, Shenandoah Valley, VA

Contemporary + Digital Art Fair NYC - Lightbox, New York City, NY (link)

AIMIE - Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Time - Open i Art Space, Santa Barbara, CA (link)

Floating Points - Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX (link)


The People's Gallery - City Hall, Austin, TX (catalog)

West Austin Studio Tour - Blue Genie, Austin, TX

Tomo 002 - Trámite, Querétaro, México

East Austin Studio Tour - East Side Collective, Austin, TX


La Catrina Summer Meltdown Showcase - The Belmont, Austin, TX

West Austin Studio Tour - Blue Genie, Austin, TX

ESC Summer Design Party - East Side Collective, Austin, TX

First Friday Art Walk (Featured) - Art Connections Gallery, Bastrop, TX

East Austin Studio Tour - East Side Collective, Austin, TX

ESC Spring Design Party - East Side Collective, Austin, TX


Milk + Cereal Gallery Opening - Milk + Cereal Gallery, Austin, TX

East Austin Studio Tour - East Side Collective, Austin, TX

ESC Fall Design Party - East Side Collective, Austin, TX


Amethyst (Best in Show) - Envision Arts, Online exhibition curated by Ginger Cochran, 2019 (link)

Texas Biennial 2017, Short List - Curated by Leslie Moody Castro


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Envision Arts Online Magazine - Patterns and Processes (link)

Contempo Annual Book - 2019 Edition (link)

21st Century Creative Podcast - Tyler Hobbs: an Artist Who Paints with Code (link)

Market Cafe Mag - Issue 3, Feb 2018 (link)

How to Hack a Painting - OpenSource.com 2018 (link)

Autonomous Art - SciArt Magazine, Dec 2015 (link)


Generative Art is Not About Math - Processing Community Day, 2019, Austin, TX

Code Goes In, Art Comes Out - Clojure/conj 2018, Durham, NC (video)

How to Hack a Painting - Strange Loop 2017, St. Louis, MO (video)


B.S. Computer Science - University of Texas at Austin, 2010